Where can I find images and other media?

Because these movies are intended for public sharing, it is important that any media that you use — whether it be pictures, music, or video clips — should be in the public domain, under a Creative Commons license that permits their free use.


Among the sites that are particularly rich in usable historical images include the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, the British Library, the Wellcome Trust, and the Digital Public Library of America. (Note that you should check the restrictions associated with each image in any of these collections.)

You can also search in Google Images, and apply the “Usage Rights” filter under the Search button to check for images that may be used. If you know of other medical history archives offering.


To find music that can be used for the movies, some good sites are ccMixter, Free Stockmusic, and Incompetech.


The Prelinger Archives is a particularly rich source for clips under Creative Commons license.

Impressions of ICTAM IX

  • Impressions of ICTAM IX, 2017, by Matthias Burmeister, ICTAM IX Filmteam

Trailer ICTAM IX, 2017