Health Promotion through Yoga Science – points for guidelines

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Reinhard Bögle Reinhard Bögle
Monika Leye N.N.
Laura Maria Puerto Valencia N.N.


There is a worldwide growing activity in the field of health promotion influenced directly or indirectly by Yoga and others. Adult education/University Extension, Government organizations, Companies, Medical Organisations, etc. integrate concepts inspired by Asian medicine and their health promotion strategies. More and more people are ready to do themselves something for their health. Practical evidence, interest of the people and research shows that this will be a growing field in future. There where WHO initiatives to understand health in its biopsychosocial dimension (first definition 1946) and to create heath where people live, at the workplace, school, family (second WHO definition 1986, Ottawa Charta). After this the worldwide health promotion has developed much.  Since the UN declared in 2014 an International day of Yoga with the expectation of global health, Yoga has become an important role.

Currently, Yoga, especially in the European context, also in Amerika and in India, is on the way to develop from old Yoga to Yoga science for now and the future.

The issues of standardisation, quality insurance, education, concepts, medical research (esp. heartrate variability, muscle use, yogic spinal cord model) is therefore an issue of major concerns, not only from the part of Health Care research, but also from the part of Health Sciences, Psychosomatic/Behavioural Medicine, Pain management, Functional Anatomy, Yoga, Sociology, Neuroscience and Sports.

We welcome papers that explore these issues from different perspectives.

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