Elderly: the challenge for surveillance through transformation.

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Meenakshi Mathur mmathur26@yahoo.co.in

The life expectancy of people in general is increasing over the time therefore the proportion of elderly population is increasing globally irrespective of sex, education, class, community, marital status or even continent. Eiderly population has gone through a rapid transition and transformation due to industrialization, improvement in the health care facilities, technological advancement and socio-economic mobilizations.This need a special attention for elderly population and issues related to them. Under this major theme many a topic can be covered. The health nutrition and work efficacy of elders, Transformation of family care system to professional care system and it effects. The e q( emotional quotients) and s q (social quotients) of elderly under transforming family structure. Quality of life of elders with medical advancement, financial security and technology advances, Understand beauty and ugliness of elders. Beside this there are many more issues related to elders we can include in this Panel.

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