Roundtable: Standardization, Evaluation, and Implementation of Asian Medicines in Global Health Settings

Chair Michael Heinrich and Caroline Herr

Prof. Dr. Michael Heinrich (of the UCL School of Pharmacy), Chair of the Roundtable,

and Keynote: Dr. Med. Caroline Herr, Head of Occupational and Environmental Health / Epidemiology, Bavarian State Health and Food Authority Munich (LGL)

- Value of Yoga as a preventive measure in workplace scenarios

Nenad Kostanjsek

Keynote: Nenad Kostanjsek, WHO - Creating common language for diagnosing and coding Traditional Medicine Conditions.

Harun Badakhshi

Keynote: Harun Badakhshi, Director of the Department of Clinical Radiation Oncology at Ernst von Bergmann Medical Center, Assoc. Professor at Charité School of Medicine Humboldt University Berlin - Implementing integrative medicine into the clinical routine in a large hospital

Sven Schröder

Dr. Med. Sven Schröder, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Narendra Bhatt

Prof. Dr. Narendra Bhatt,  President of IASTAM-India, Mumbai

Yeonseok Kang

Yeonseok Kang, Associate Professor, Department of Medical History, College of Korean Medicine, Wonkwang University (since 2009); Director of Planning, Institute of Korean Medicine; Education & Evaluation (IKMEE, since 2014).

Unnikrishan Payyappallimana

Unnikrishan Payyappallimana, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the United Nations University - Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS); Associate fellow at the UNU-International Institute of Global Health (UNU-IIGH), Malaysia    

Volker Scheid

Volker Scheid, Professor of East Asian Medicines and Director of the EAST medicine research unit at the University of Westminster, London  

Erich Stöger

Erich Stöger, lecturer on Chinese Materia Medica (Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck), founder of Plantasia, member WP TCM of the European Pharmacopoeia, Vienna

Impressions of ICTAM IX

  • Impressions of ICTAM IX, 2017, by Matthias Burmeister, ICTAM IX Filmteam

Trailer ICTAM IX, 2017