Sacred Cures: Situating Medicine and Religion in Asia

May 02, 2016 09:30 AM to May 04, 2016 04:30 PM

Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Boltzmannstraße 22, 14195 Berlin, Konferenzraum

This workshop brings together specialists in East, South, and Southeast Asia and the Himalayas who work on the intersection of religion and medicine. We wish to examine:

  • What work has been done by the terms medicine/religion, or related binaries such as medicine/healing or classical/vernacular?
  • What is clarified or distorted when these categories are mapped onto other languages, periods and regions?

We will explore commonalities across regions and across time, working from the classical to the contemporary. How do scholars and cultural actors alike produce “medicine” and “religion” as fields? Taking stock of recent gains in the field, we will also discuss remaining areas for study, and compare and refine the tools and terms that might be used in that endeavour.

For further information please visit  website of the Workshop: Sacred Cures: Situating Medicine and Religion in Asia.

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Impressions of ICTAM IX

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