P 29 Planetary Health: Ocean Health and Marine Medicine: Survey for Marine Substances

Ocean Health and Marine Medicine: Survey for Marine Substances

Ocean prosperity crucially depends on a functional ecosystem and while important paradigms of infection biology await discovery in the ocean, a thorough assessment of the services and potential disservices of ocean microbes to human health is required for the development of risk assessment and counteractive measures. On the other hand, a number of molecules discovered from marine macro- and microorganisms have been developed into many life-saving drugs and functional ingredients to increase life quality of the society.

Marine microbial studies at Kiel University and GEOMAR as well asmarine natural product chemistry and biotechnology research at GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology (GEOMAR-Biotech) using the enormous biological diversity of marine macro- and microorganisms as source of novel bioactives have a history of long-standing expertise. This interdisciplinary research involves chemists, (micro-)biologists, geologists, chemists, bioinformaticians and modellers. The exploration of marine host-microbe interactions ranging from plants/algae over diverse lower invertebrate groups to fish has revealed new insights into the influence of abiotic conditions on host-microbe interactions. Particularly by activity-based metagenomics studies in combination with the strong expertise in metabolomics and biochemical analysis, numerous novel bioactive small molecules, enzymes, and signal molecules of cell-cell communication have been discovered. These have provided (i) novel insights into microbial genome evolution, showing that horizontal gene transfer is the most important mechanism by which prokaryotes evolve; and (ii) discovered novel high value bioactive molecules from marine resources, including cultivable and non-cultivated microorganisms. This session organized by the Kiel Excellence Cluster Future Ocean will address the health-related prospects and risks of marine substances and microbes for human wellbeing.

Impressions of ICTAM IX

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