CM 3 Treating NCD‘s: Science-Policy Interface for Transformation of Asian Medicine: An insight into Ayurveda Combating Lifestyle diseases for Promotion of Global Health

Life style diseases such as diabetes are a growing threat. Even though a number of medicines are available but there is a growing concern for insulin resistance which is expected to affect majority of diabetic population. Asian Medicines can be effective for peripheral glucose utilization but they require strict guidelines. Unlike modern medicines which follow a series of treatment, Asian medicines can be different in their usage as they make a holistic approach involving the body, mind and soul. The drug prescription can depend on body types which can be roughly translated into pharmacogenomics.   One of the best aspects of such system of medicine is the drug enhancement by using multiple herbs which is the drawback of modern medicine.

Given the fact that most diseases are an obscure of culmination of factors, single molecule with side effects can only provide symptomatic treatment. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes but modern medicines fail to control obesity and diabetes alike whereas Asian medicine particularly Ayurvedic medicines can control both of them together. The government should lay down effective policies in the quality control of such medicines through nodal agencies. Modern systems such as DNA bar coding for the plants and organic farming must be given importance. The phytochemicals in such medicines should be identified and quantified and their effect on the patient with regard to their genomic constituents be analyzed.  

Integration of non intervention therapy such as yoga, acupuncture and acupressure should also be assessed with regard to the genomics of the patients involved for cost effective treatment. Once the clinical trial data involving phytochemical constituents, pharmacogenomics and non intervention therapy are collected they can be used for making effective guidelines and policies which would help in deciphering the processed herbs as a food supplement for diabetic prevention or as anti diabetic medicines. The session will contribute for achieving Science-Policy Interface particularly in the Developing Countries.

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