WS 11 The effectiveness of external application of Chinese herbs after sports injuries: A chance to improve public reception of Asian medicine and to support fund raising for scientific research

External application of Chinese herbs has always been a treatment option mentioned in classical textbooks of traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays it is still a standard therapy in case of fractures and soft tissue injuries applied in traditional chinese orthopedic hospitals all over China. Contrarily to western countries, where the excellent effects of topical application of Chinese herbs are not well known and where still only a simple RICE schema (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is applied.

Clinical studies, personal long term experience and the results of an european survey of 276 patients with soft-tissue injury treated with a herbal pack for acute trauma indicated that the rehabilitation time after trauma can be reduced up to 50%.

Recent examples during Tour de France, at Olympic games in Rio and in NBA League showed that if those surprising TCM treatment results are obtained in professional sports, newspapers and mass media discuss it, which helps to increase acceptance in public and in politics and to raise funds for further scientific research.

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