WS 5 Do we have to watch treatment effects ultimately during or by the end of healing sessions? – How to compare watching the healing process that shows up in everyday life

Linear and Logical Interpretations of Healing versus Consideration of Synchronicity and Resonance in the Life of a Person Working with clients through energetic healing only partially is represented on the physical aspect.

Here we focus on physical issues via techniques focused on physical health. We mostly talk about good energy or bad energy resp. high energy or low energy resp. excess or deficiency of energy. We can call it the three-dimensional approach of healing and can watch results during a session hopefully leading from condition A with to condition B without symptoms. There are more levels of vibration in terms of energy: emotional energy, mental energy, spiritual energy. We can call this the meta-physical or multi-dimensional approach of energetic healing. For a healthy person it means: not only having a healthy body but also having healthy thoughts, feeling free in emotions, having happy relationships with friends and family, establish a healthy attitude to a job, lead a happy lifestyle in creativity, responsibility, perspective and more...

When healing practitioners give different healing stimuli on the persons energy there are reactions in the 3-D-level (three dimansional) and simultaneously the multidimensonal levels. If it is performed is the lower frequencies of the physical you can watch changes often immediately or in the process of a session. If it is performed in higher frequencies of the multi-dimensional levels the clients experience the effects in everyday life of their feelings, behaving, acting in their relationships, jobs or even in their spiritual self understanding etc.

This means during a session may be there is no reaction at all. Main Issue: It depends not where or what (space and time) but how a technique/method is performed (beyond space and time).


  • reference system? (basic foundation of a method)
  • diagnosis? (symptoms – resources)
  • techniques? (alignment – focus – holistic approach)
Impressions of ICTAM IX

  • Impressions of ICTAM IX, 2017, by Matthias Burmeister, ICTAM IX Filmteam

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