P 6 Disease, from history to present

This panel focuses on the differentiation of eastern and western medicine, in views of diseases, comprehension of the interaction between history and medicine, and exploration of the integration and connection between academic research and clinical practice. Since ancient times, people all over the world have struggled with diseases and thus formed varieties of cognitions. Rooted in different cultures and societies, they have emphasized the difference despite the original similarity between each other, representative of eastern and western medicine.

It is therefore an interesting and meaningful task to analyze the difference between the two on their understandings of diseases and explore the process and reasons for their evolutions, either to rhetoricians or clinical doctors. From a microcosmic view, the researchers may describe the development history of a specific disease of Asian medicine; they may also discuss how the occurrence of a disease influenced the history or how the history took a record of the disease macroscopically. It can either be a medical study to explain how the historical record of diseases are applied to the clinical practice, or be a historical research to elaborate how the scattered literature of medicine reveals a true history. From history to reality, and from academic to clinical research, it may also reflect the theme of this congress — the encounter, translation and transformation of Asian medicine.

Impressions of ICTAM IX

  • Impressions of ICTAM IX, 2017, by Matthias Burmeister, ICTAM IX Filmteam

Trailer ICTAM IX, 2017