2. Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Studies: Multidisciplinary approaches. Improving the standard of clinical trials

Questions to discuss:

  • What have been the primary hindrances to good-quality clinical trials in the past, and what is changing?
  • How do economic and political factors, and the public reception of Asian medicine, impact on clinical trials?
  • Who have been the primary avenues for major studies?
  • How are they funded? Can IASTAM enhance communication across practitioner trial networks?
  • How can clinicians produce or participate in better trials, and can the space of the conference provide a network for better collaboration between scientific research organisations and clinical practitioners in such trials?


Impressions: Welcome to Kiel University!

Trailer ICTAM IX, 2017

  • Trailer for ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines in Kiel, 06.-12.08. 2016 from Hannah Bittner on Vime